Fundraising ideas


If your event takes place in the winter and it has snowed in the evening, why not offer a car snow removal service?

For a few dollars, your team of volunteers will go and plow the guest's car, while the guest stays warm inside!

You can use the same concept if it rains, by offering your guests to drive them to their car under an umbrella for a small donation, of course!

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A painter offers free of charge a canvas that has been the subject of a print.

Introduce the canvas and then explained that the funds raised will be donated to your activity.

1 ticket for $5, 3 for $10 and 10 for $20.

After the lucky winner is announced, have lithographs made of the same canvas and sell them at the cost of your choice.

Those who haven't won can get it.

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Inflate balloons by inserting a folded piece of paper with an amount to be paid (amounts will vary depending on participants' ability to pay).

Throughout the evening, the host finds excuses to encourage the guests to choose a balloon, burst it and pay the amount written on the paper.

The balloons can be in bouquets to decorate the room, attached to each chair or placed in different places in the room.

To add suspense and encourage people to "play", a nice prize is hidden in one of the balloons, tempting the audience.

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Inside balloons or roses, you insert prizes to be won.

Sell these balloons or roses to your guests.

Not only did they get a chance to win a prize, they walked away with a rose.

A little tip: on a few occasions during the evening, make a special (ex: 2 roses for $5 instead of $5 each) to encourage participation.

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A classic

You get sponsorship gifts from your suppliers, clients, acquaintances, etc. (hotel accommodations, restaurant packages, cruise packages, product baskets - food, cosmetics, autographed sporting goods, etc.) that you put up for auction.

If you choose a silent auction, all you have to do is place the prices on a table where the guests write down the amounts they are willing to pay for these items, adding $x to each bid.

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Another classic

The sale of handmade items, which you get for free and sell to your guests.

The key here is the quality of the products offered. 

A bonus: add recipes or instructions so they can reproduce these products at home!

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Who doesn't like to leave with a souvenir photo at an event?

The trick here is to get a sponsorship for the photobooth or photographer, and sell the photos to your guests!

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Fundraising Dinner

Create centrepieces with different products that you will have obtained in sponsorship - chocolate, books, beauty products, gift certificates, etc.

Puis vender des billets, par table, pour un tirage de ce dernier.

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How many items in the jar?

Place a multitude of balls or small objects in a pot.

Guests pay x $ to guess how many items are in the jar (they write their prediction with their name).

The winner is the person whose prediction is closest to the actual number of balls.

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Open the treasure chest

An interesting activity is the purchase of keys that can open one of the treasure chests where there is a prize to be won.

This allows you to have several treasure chests and guests buy keys until all the treasure chests are open.

You may have several keys that don't open a treasure chest.

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