Paradox is a provincial movement dedicated to the development of a youth who are passionate about Jesus, living out a paradoxical culture in society. Our priority is to gather Quebec's teens and young adults for them to be transformed by God's presence, encouraged in their faith and equipped to fulfill God's mission for their lives, in order to reach their generation.

To make this happen, we organize an annual province-wide conference, host regional rallies, provide resources and training for leaders and participate in local and overseas mission.


The annual event that gathers Quebec youth from across the province in order to rally, promote unity, celebrate the work of God, encourage and teach.

Leaders' access resources, events and news which will help connect, inspire and equip youth workers in Quebec.

Paradox est partenaire avec différents organismes, afin d’élargir notre champs de mission. 

From conference, to mission,
to leadership training, this team makes
everything possible.

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Tel: 1-450-442-0975


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