Paradox Missions organizes missionary trips and projects for young people between the ages of 16 and 29 from churches affiliated to Paradox. The main goal of Paradox Missions is to offer an opportunity for young people to step out of their comfort zones and reach the world with the powerful message of the Gospel, whether within their own province or overseas.



Noémie Badeaux

Missions Director for Paradox

For this second edition, we will be flying to Paris (France) in July 2019 to join our Canadian international workers Peter and Patricia DeWit, who have been ministering in France since 2014.

I will be honoured to lead, train and prepare the different groups of young people coming together from the four corners of the province. Team building activities as well as preparation and training meetings will be organized in order to bind the groups together and prepare us for the many ministry activities that will be waiting for us once we arrive on site.

Could it be that this great adventure of faith is waiting for you? Could it just be the beginning of the missionary heart God wants to develop in you?




Teams of approximatively 10 participants will be formed and sent on one of the weeks mentioned above. Teams will be decided by the Missions Paradox team according to different factors such as spoken language.

Team 1: Thursday, June 20th - Thursday, June 27th 2019
Team 2: Tuesday, July 2nd - Tuesday, July 9th 2019
Team 3: Thursday, July 11 - Thursday, July 18 2019


Each team will be sent out for a 8 day mission.


Each team will be sent out for a 8 day mission.


Noémie Badeaux, assistant pastor and youth pastor at the Centre Évangélique de Shawinigan for the past 7 years; Missions Paradox Director


Each team will be sent out for a 8 day mission.

Approximately $2000 CAD

This includes:

•  airfare
•  lodging
•  meals
•  transportation within Paris
•  ministry activities
•  tourism activity
•  offering for the missionaries (meals + honorarium)
•  admission fees 


30 people (max)

• Age between 16 and 29 years-old

To have accepted Christ as Savior and Lord.

To be willing to serve and get involved

To be a part of a local church and regularly attend its meetings

Commit to having a good attitude throughout this project

Commit to respect the rules and be submitted to the authorities

Commit to attend the preparation meetings

Commit to prepare spiritually for this mission

Provide a reference letter from your youth or senior pastors

(WITH PETER ET PATRICIA DEWIT, missionnaires for the PAOC in Paris.)


TOX is the name of the high-mobility human gene. Urban TOX is a learning adventure where participants are guided through the city as a classroom and local people - the TOX - are the guides and experts. This is inspired by the “Medici Effect”, a term that describes contributions of disruptive innovation from people who have no experience in an industry. 


L’éThe team will be led through daily activities specifically organised to provide an authentic missions experience in the context of the secular humanistic and atheistic society of Paris. They will each have one-on-one consulting and coaching times with Peter and Patricia during this course as well as daily group debriefing and teaching sessions. For the most part, the city streets will be the classrooms and the local people will be the teachers.


Urban TOX; Seeing God in The City
(This section will be fine-tuned as we get closer to the trip.)

1. Seeing God among the Urban Grit : where the team processes the work and the presence of God in the city by visiting some of the more difficult and challenging aspects of Paris.

2. Seeing God among the Urban Glitter : where the team processes the work and the presence of God in the city by visiting some of the more ‘romantic’ and luxurious aspects of Paris.

3. Serve The City Paris : the team will collect and distribute food to the homeless and the refugee community.

4. Church In The City: the team will meet with some of the various church leaders and ministries in Paris to learn from them. Each team will have one Sunday in order to attend local church.

5. At ‘Home’ in Paris: the teams will be guests in the homes of Parisians for an evening dinner and discussion.

All these activities will be adapted to the specific needs of the missionaries, churches and contexts. Our purpose is to come as servants alongside the missionaries, local churches and nations that we visit, and not to impose our activities as a group. It is essential that each person willing to be part of such a missions trip be willing to serve. Also, it is important to be flexible. The trip activities and schedule will be confirmed by May 2019.


You will need a valid Canadian passport to do this trip. If you own a passport from another country, get information from the French embassy to find out if you need a special visa. Also, your passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond the date you expect to leave France.


For a trip to France, suggested vaccinations are against hepatitis A & B and tetanus according to Health Canada.

Medical travel insurance:

It is required to have a travel medical insurance contract for this missions trip.


Funding activities will be planned by the participants and will depend on their own engagement.

For a PDF version of the information above, as well as a summary budget and fromthe payment planPlease download the information document. Click HERE.




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